What You Should Know About Encore Melaka?

A series of World Class Performance

A worldclass performance of light and shadow, music and dance, art and culture and follore and history set amidst breath taking natural landscape with a cast of thousands.

The world class performance is known as Impression Series in China.

How the Impression Series Started?

Established in the 1998, the Impression Series was founded by China’s top 3 creative and famous film directors also famously known as the ‘Iron Triangle’ namely Wang Chaoge, Zhang Yimou, and Fan Yue.

The trio pioneered the concept of “Live Scene” performances set amidst natural landscape in China.

One crucial highlight was the trio played in the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic in 2008.

1st Impression Series outside China.

In conjunction of the 10th instalment of the Impression Series, Encore Melaka will showcase the 1st Impression Series outside of China, showing live performances based on Melaka’s rich culture, retelling its glorious history with cinematic state of the art production.

Out of 100 cities around the world, Melaka city was the chosen largely for its 700year history and rich cultural heritage.

World Class Venue – World Class Performance

A new and iconic cultural landmark sharing the same aspirations of Sydney Opera House and Singapore’s Esplanade, the Encore Melaka Theatre was built at the cost of RM400 million by developer Yong Tai Berhad engineered towards latest technology. The Dawn– first series hotels in Impression City Malacca which are being designed towards the theme of the theatre productions.

What’s so special about Encore Melaka Theatre?

360 degree rotating auditorium and multi stages, the theatre is equipped with advance audio and 3D video mapping projection system to entertain a 2000 strong audience.

Cultural Cooperation Between Malaysia and China

The signing ceremony for the staging of Encore Melaka performances took place on October 2013 and was witnessed by China’s President Xi Jinping and Malaysia’s Ex-Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This was part of cultural cooperation pact signed during the China Malaysia Economic Summit 2013 in Beijing.